How to make an index.html

A Microsoft operating system is by default disabled from making html files (web pages). To change the default settings,

1. Go to the control panel (in classic view), and find 'folder options.' Then un-check the option which says to hide extensions for known file types.
2. Using Notepad, create a file in the manner shown below. The Microsoft operating system will not be allow the file to be saved it with the name   index.html   so instead save it with the name   index.txt
3. After saving the file, right click  index.txt  and rename the file   index.html
4. The operating system will give a warning not to proceed. This should be ignored.

Having finished the four steps above, one has successfully used notepad to create a text file called   index.html

The simplest   index.html   file is a list of links to all the other documents which you are going to upload. For example

< a href="nicephoto.jpg"> click here to see a photo< /a> < br>
< a href="niceclaim.pdf"> click here to read my claim< /a> < br>

The br tags aren't necessary, without them the links would still work but would all be displayed on the same line.

Technincal advice. If the chosen case number is not available, an alert will appear. Appending one new digit usually suffices to generate a unique case number. It is advised to examine documents in a web browser before posting. Once posted, documents cannot be altered, replaced or removed. It is advised to record a case number in more than one place. If a case number is lost the documents will be lost. It is advised not to post names or photographic likenesses of private individuals.